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Watch what we stand for.

Our CEO, Dr. Genevieve Patenaude, presenting on the international stage at COP26.

Earth Blox's digital and data solution will make a major and essential contribution to the global climate effort.

Addressing climate change and sustainability are imperatives which drive our passion to innovate

What we stand for

To have a positive impact on people, staff, and the world we live in.

To undertake due diligence and ensure our customers' values align with our mission for good and ensure that never changes.

To ensure your commitment doesn't go unnoticed; When working beyond reasonable contracted hours, we'll discuss how you're remunerated for that, in a way which works for you.

To support flexitime arrangements and remote working as we're supportive of healthy, family-friendly, flexible work-times.

Environmental Stewardship

We will endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment where possible.

We prioritise working with organisations aligned with our values and ethical stance.

We will also support organisations wishing to transition from unsustainable to more sustainable practices or wishing to reduce their environmental impacts.

Except where we support organisations with the above intents, we will not work with organisations which significantly, directly and knowingly contribute to unsustainable natural resources use, to large natural environmental degradation(e.g. unsustainable logging) or to the consistent loss and degradation of endangered species' habitats.

Earth Blox is so much more than work.
It’s a dynamic, respectful and engaged team.
It’s a purpose-led company.
It’s an innovation powerhouse.

Abigail Brook-Petty

Data Scientist
"Every Monday, I start knowing that I will continue to grow and will end the week considerably more knowledgeable about data science than when I started. The opportunities to learn are endless: It’s never routine, it’s always exciting."

Neil Mayo

Senior Software Developer
"I feel fortunate to be part of such a smart, dedicated and engaged dev team that cares, not only about the software it creates, but also about the impact it will have in the world. It’s hugely motivating to know that each component I build will contribute to addressing some of today’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change"

Hayley Valentine

Sales Development Rep
"I love the company’s flexible working policy: it’s helps me maintain my daily exercise routine which in turn improves my productivity and the quality of my work. I also really like that mindfulness and wellbeing are core values and are regularly discussed in team meetings: this fosters healthy and respectful working practices."

Jake Wilkins

Software Developer
"The entire team is passionate about Earth Blox's mission, and this passion translates to a positive workspace. I feel like I have an impact on the direction we're going, something that I've never felt at other jobs. With the combination of the people, the mission and the work: I've never been so motivated."

Perks & Benefits

Fully Remote Working

Although we are established and headquartered in Edinburgh, Earth Blox is a remote company and we welcome applications from prospective employees worldwide.

Remote working brings with it a host of benefits. It gives all of us autonomy to live our lives, to choose our hours, to avoid commuting, and give us the best possible work-life balance. This is a core tenet of the Earth Blox philosophy.
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Flexible work hours

We are flexible in how and when you work so speak to us about your needs. We don’t focus on 9-5 - you know when you work best. Normal full-time working hours are 35h per week. For UK team members, core hours are between 10am and 4pm. But outside this, it’s flexible: we don’t mandate that the remaining hours be worked on any particular fixed schedule. We give you the flexibility to create a schedule that works best for you and for the life you want to live.
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Compensation, Growth and Promotion

We offer truly and competitive compensation, for all roles. We not only recognise the experience and value you bring to the table as you join, but also as you grow with us. If you are ambitious, driven, passionate, empathetic and a great team player, you will reach leadership positions faster than in any large corporate environment. We will empower you to lead and grow with us.
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Paid time off

No matter where you live, working with us, you get 32 working days paid holiday per calendar year. This includes the eight bank holidays in Scotland. Now that’s a lot of time to recharge your batteries! 

We work at our best when we are happy and energised.
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Personal development

If you do what you love, you will excel. Maybe you join as a sales representative and realise that your passion lies in marketing?

We can make this happen by supporting your personal development - training, conferences, online tutorials and anything else that helps you progress.
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We offer a workplace pension scheme to help you save for your retirement. We help you build up your pension savings by contributing directly.

You may also benefit from potential tax relief.

Your pension belongs to you, even if you change employers.
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Benefits of joining Earth Blox

Flexible work hours - we don’t focus on 9-5, you know when you work best (though we do have core hours and team meetings that we expect you to attend). 

Full holiday allowance (32 paid holidays).

Company pension contribution. 

An enjoyable place to work! We pride ourselves on being a close knit team and having a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 

No hierarchy or politics, just good work with smart, passionate people.