Risk Modelling
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Instantly harness the power of satellite data for insurance risk modelling, without the need to code. Earth Blox brings Earth observation intelligence to the insurance sector.
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Planetary-scale data availability, accurate analysis, and high-quality risk modelling made easy.
Evaluating risks over large, remote areas where ground data is either unavailable or unreliable is a big problem for insurance providers - especially now, with increasingly frequent extreme weather and fire events taking place. 

On top of that, harnessing spatial data to get key strategic information usually requires you to be an Earth Observation (EO) analyst or coder, or take on a consultancy firm - and even then, it can take months to see results.  

With Earth Blox, these problems are a thing of the past. Earth Blox unlocks a world of rapid geospatial insights for the insurance sector, allowing you to see, plan for, and act on environmental risks, both now and over time.
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More Accurate Risk Data

Earth Blox provides an accurate, transparent process for measuring risk from evidentially robust EO data, removing reliance on client-based loss data, poor client data, or, in some cases, no data at all.

Access Inaccessible Areas

Get data from a wider geographical spread where field research would have been impossible to carry out, leading to improved portfolio performance and more consistently positive and reliable results. 

Save Time & Resources

Earth Blox's easy to learn drag-and-drop interface frees up underwriters’ precious time, empowering them to increase daily efficiencies in delivering the most comprehensive risk analysis possible.
Trusted by organisations that want the best EO data, fast - including:

Case Study: Globe Underwriting / ForestRe

Globe Underwriting has been dedicated to supplying insurance brokers with first-class underwriting services at a global scale since 2008. ForestRe represents one of Globe’s five key product lines - a worldwide portfolio of forestry insurance serving a wide range of customers in over 26 countries.

More than ever, the underwriters at ForestRe needed accurate data to assess risk. As a result, ForestRe searched for a solution to improve the speed of data collection, accuracy of analysis, and quality of modelling. They surveyed the market looking for an application that would process EO data in a simple, fast, and effortless manner.  

ForestRe chose Earth Blox to meet their needs.
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