Increase underwriting accuracy with satellite data

Earth Blox gives insurance risk analysts the data and tools to increase the accuracy of environmental risk assessments, reduce time to deliver quotes, and insure where competitors cannot.
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Pre-Earth Blox, it would take us days to get an end-result. With Earth Blox, we're down to 40 minutes from start to finish - and have confidence in the results.”
Phil Cottle
Head of Forestry, ForestRe

Analyse inaccessible locations where field research is impossible to carry out.

Create, run and report complex queries in seconds.

No Earth observation or coding expertise needed.

Cloud-based processing. No local storage required.

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See how insurers use Earth Blox to rapidly assess the extent and historical occurrence of wildfires to determine the maximum probable loss of an insured asset due to fire.
ForestRe Case Study
In recent years, largely because of climate change, the ForestRe team saw a greater demand for clarity on the provenance of the data and relevant risk assessment data. More than ever, the underwriters at ForestRe needed accurate data to assess risk.

They surveyed the market looking for an application that would process EO data in a simple, fast, and effortless manner. ForestRe chose Earth Blox to meet their needs. Unlocking a world of rapid geospatial insights would empower ForestRe to plan, prioritise, and manage environmental risks to forests.
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Geospatial data for insurance risk modelling
Evaluating risks over large, remote areas where ground data is either unavailable or unreliable is a big problem for insurance providers - especially now, with increasingly frequent extreme weather and fire events taking place. 

On top of that, harnessing spatial data to get key strategic information usually requires you to be an Earth Observation (EO) analyst or coder, or take on a consultancy firm - and even then, it can take months to see results.  

With Earth Blox, these problems are a thing of the past. Earth Blox unlocks a world of rapid geospatial insights for the insurance sector, allowing you to see, plan for, and act on environmental risks, both now and over time.
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Move the slider to see where the 2019-20 bushfires occurred in New South Wales, Australia

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