Teach Earth observation skills without your students having to code

Students today are tomorrow’s leaders. Ensuring we build their aptitude to understand Earth observation (EO) data is key to solving the environmental and climate crises they will inherit.

Earth Blox Education gives universities a hands-on web tool for teaching practical geospatial data handling and interpretation, but without having to learn how to code.
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With cross-faculty modules, students come with different levels of programming expertise. The aim of my course is not to teach programming, but to teach them to understand, interpret and process satellite data. Earth Blox enabled me to make sure that there was no ‘programming block’ on achieving that objective.”
Dr Anna Hogg
Associate Professor, EO of polar regions, University of Leeds

Reach more students by eliminating the coding barrier to Earth observation studies.

Teach remotely with a web-based tool that removes the need for high CPU computers or fast internet.

Fast track your lessons with a free course guide.

Cloud-based processing. No local storage required.

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Fast track your lessons with a free course guide written by Iain Woodhouse, Knowledge and Outreach Lead at Earth Blox and Professor of Applied Earth Observation at the University of Edinburgh.

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Practical training for Earth observation
Earth observation provides incredible insights into our world and how it is changing. It is now more important than ever that students from all disciplines can access and understand what satellite data can tell us about our planet.

Earth Blox Education is designed to ease the pressure for universities delivering practical training for Earth observation and remote sensing by providing a web- and cloud-based solution that allows students to engage with satellite data wherever they are located, without the need for high CPU computers or fast internet. With Earth Blox, students have global data, from a range of sources, at their fingertips.
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