Monitor your global supply chain using satellite data

Double down on environmental and supply chain monitoring, without blowing your budget. Earth Blox gives you actionable data and insights to drive your sustainable supply chain strategy.
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Earth Blox allows us to perform powerful in-house analyses to monitor sustainable land-use in ways that we otherwise lack the technical expertise for. Being able to process spatial data on a near-real-time and granular level is a crucial component in the development of our climate and nature-positive strategies.”
Ashely Bang
Data Scientist, ADM Capital Foundation

Create, run and report complex queries in seconds.

No Earth observation or coding expertise needed.

Access over 900 geospatial datasets.

Cloud-based processing. No local storage required.

Bolster your sustainable supply chain strategy
Environmental monitoring within sustainable supply chain management is about far more than just energy efficiency or “going green”. A sustainable supply chain gives your business a platform for huge growth.

Usually, to take advantage of the strategy-changing information you can get from Earth observation (EO) insights, you need a high level of either internal or externally-contracted coding expertise. This often means that businesses miss out on reams of knowledge about their own activities that could influence policy, save money, or set the agenda for sustainability initiatives.

Earth Blox brings you petabytes of data and processing power in a code-free yet customisable way, with no expert knowledge, local storage or big budgets required.
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Move the slider to see agricultural fields irrigated by rotating booms, Egypt

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