Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

Planetary-scale environmental monitoring and
sustainable supply chain reporting made easy.
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Sustainable Supply Chains, Made Simple.
Earth Observation data can provide invaluable insights into the health, risks and opportunities across your portfolio of land-based interests.

But until now, manipulating the data hasn’t been easy for those without expert EO knowledge.  

Earth Blox brings you petabytes of data and processing power in a code-free yet customisable way, with no expert knowledge, local storage or big budgets required.

Keeping an eye on your global supply chain has never been easier.

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The No-Code Solution.

Environmental monitoring, especially within sustainable supply chain management, is about far more than just energy efficiency or “going green”. A sustainable supply chain gives your business a platform for huge growth.

Usually, to take advantage of the strategy-changing information you can get from Earth Observation insights, you need a high level of either internal or externally-contracted coding expertise. This often means that businesses miss out on reams of knowledge about their own activities that could influence policy, save money, or set the agenda for sustainability initiatives. 

The whole concept of Earth Blox is to lower the entry point for non-coders, so that even if you’ve never worked with spatial data before, you can start seeing the benefits without the typical expense or effort outlay at the start. We save you time not having to learn code, and fast track entry into EO and a world of powerful geospatial insights, supported by help guides, tutorials, and user-specific demonstrations.
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Case Study: Strata, UNEP's Earth Stress Monitor
With rising concerns over climate change has come an increasing need to rapidly identify climate and environmental stress hotspots to provide early warning for early intervention risk reduction and resilience-building.

This drove the development of STRATA, delivered through a collaboration between Earth Blox, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Edinburgh, as a tool to assist over 130 UN country teams.

Powered by Earth Blox, the STRATA platform supports the UN’s need to determine where environmental and climate stresses are converging and contributing to increased risk of maladaptation, fragility, and migration. 

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