Verifying Carbon Credits for Nature-Based Solutions.

Nowadays, there is great demand to understand the integrity of carbon credits to support more sustainable natural resources use.

Unlocking a world of rapid geospatial insights available from Earth Blox facilitates the internal due diligence process required prior to buying credits from accredited projects.
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The Situation.
A global effort to combat climate change was enforced in the Paris Agreement in 2016. Confronted with public-facing pressure, large businesses - especially in the extractive industries - implemented ‘greener’ operations, such as supporting ecosystem development to help absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

As part of targeted emissions reduction projects, companies large and small buy carbon credits from, and invest in, internationally accredited projects using both government and voluntary standards. These projects protect and restore natural ecosystems, including large-scale reforestation and forest conservation, bearing additional benefits to biodiversity and local livelihoods.
Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) can address your company’s desire to partially offset its carbon emissions, or for more ambitious organisations, they can even help you on the path to carbon neutrality.

Earth Blox is a fast, code-free way to assess natural assets as nature-based solution options.
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More Accurate Data

Earth Blox provides an accurate, transparent process for measuring the viability of nature-based solutions from evidentially robust EO data, removing reliance on client-based data, or, in some cases, no data at all.

Look With Certainty

When choosing which project to buy your carbon credits from, you need to be sure that the emission reductions are additional, permanent, and not double-counted. With Earth Blox, you can be certain of all three.

Save Time & Resources

Earth Blox's easy to learn drag-and-drop interface frees up your precious time, giving you an effective and error-free NBS assessment tool for carbon offsetting that you can start using from minute one.
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The Solution.

Earth Blox is a quick, code-free and cost-effective method of environmental verification, and an effective and error-free NBS assessment tool for carbon offsetting.  

We simplify access to petabytes of planetary-scale near real-time geospatial analytics, covering natural ecosystems globally to provide accurate, transparent measurement of carbon sequestration from evidentially robust and remotely collected Earth observation (EO) data.  

Earth Blox satisfies users’ needs for a more precise estimation of carbon capture and stores to quantify the appropriate carbon mitigation services. This removes the cost of, and reliance on, potentially less trustworthy data sources now that Earth Blox provides global intelligence organised logically in one place.
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If you’re considering the purchase of carbon credits or offsets from accredited projects but want the inside track on their additionality, permanence and double-count status, Earth Blox can make your internal due diligence process fast, accurate, and affordable.

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