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Your data and decisions for Nature Based Solutions (NbS) are under greater scrutiny than ever before. Earth Blox gives you the geospatial data and tools to assess, verify, and report on natural assets with confidence and full transparency.
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Earth Blox has allowed us to shift remote sensing and satellite imagery processing capabilities in-house, providing greater flexibility, agency, and cost-effectiveness.
Ashely Bang
Head Data Scientist, ADM Capital Foundation

Create, run and report complex queries in seconds using easy DIY or pre-built workflows.

Ensure emission reductions are additional, permanent, and not double-counted using geospatial data.

Easy to learn drag-and-drop interface means more of your team can use it, from analysts to project managers, and on-the-ground teams.

Cloud-based processing. No local storage required.

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In this video we show you how to do land classification using Earth Blox. Looking at Borneo in Indonesia, we combine Landsat and radar data from the Google Earth Engine data catalogue, optimise to remove cloud cover, and select a colour palette to visualise the different land cover.
Bring your geospatial analyses in-house
Nowadays, there is great demand to understand the integrity of carbon credits to support more sustainable natural resources use. Unlocking a world of rapid geospatial insights available from Earth Blox facilitates the internal due diligence process required prior to buying credits from accredited NbS projects.

We simplify access to petabytes of planetary-scale geospatial data and analytics, covering natural ecosystems globally to provide accurate, transparent measurement of carbon sequestration from robust and remotely collected Earth observation (EO) data.
Earth Blox satisfies users’ needs for a more precise estimation of carbon capture and stores to quantify the appropriate carbon mitigation services, removing the reliance on less trustworthy data sources or outsourced consultants.
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Move the slider to see areas of forest loss and gain in Borneo.

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