Nature-based Solutions assessments

Conduct rapid due diligence on NbS projects and take investment decisions with confidence.

Carbon credit project assessments for:

Blue carbon

Decisions on Nature Based Solutions (NbS) are under greater scrutiny than ever before and the quality of the projects you purchase credits from matters. You don’t want to be accused of greenwashing, and you don’t want to discover that the projects you’ve paid for are offsetting less carbon than claimed.

With data going back 40 years, satellite imagery is the most efficient way to analyse and compare nature and climate related risks and insights for NbS projects worldwide.

Use Earth Blox to:

  • Quickly assess if a project has high-quality carbon offsets

  • Verify project developers’ claims using independent data

  • Safeguard your reputation and defend integrity of projects by demonstrating a credible baseline assessment was conducted

We help companies like yours scale

South pole
Climate Impact
Nature conservancy

Conduct rapid due diligence for forest carbon projects using geospatial data.


Quantify nature credits for NbS with satellite data.

With Earth Blox, our Carbon Projects Team can quickly and easily conduct the initial assessment without relying on me every time.

Geospatial analyst


Rapid due diligence for forest carbon projects

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