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Earth Blox gives you the geospatial data and tools to monitor and manage forest projects continuously. It won’t break the budget, and it doesn’t require geospatial experts to use it.
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We don't want to spend 50 percent of our donations on remote sensing, just to see if the forest is growing. Earth Blox allows us to monitor and report on our reforestation projects, is easy for non-geospatial experts to use, and the NGO license makes it affordable.”

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Access 900+ datasets, including Sentinel-1, Hansen, and WRI Global Forest Watch.

Analyse inaccessible locations where field research is impossible to carry out.

Create, run and report complex queries in seconds.

No Earth observation or coding expertise needed.

Cloud-based processing. No local storage required.

Mapping forest windthrow damage
For forest owners worldwide, storm damage is second only to fire in terms of risk, based on severity and frequency of occurrence.

Catastrophic damage to forests caused by wind is referred to as “windthrow”. When and where windthrow happens is not easy to predict, as it is influenced by many factors, not just the speed of the wind. It is therefore vital to collect information on where windthrow has occurred after an event so that the timber can be salvaged and impacts on the timber market can be mitigated.

Following Storm Arwen 2021, Earth Blox teamed up with Capella Space and the University of Edinburgh to see if satellite radar could support efforts to map where the forest damage occurred.
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Protecting the world's forests
Forests are a critical part of Earth’s ecosystem and must be protected. They play a key role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it; tropical forests alone hold around 250 gigatons of carbon, more than seven times the amount emitted each year by human activities.

However, as well as protecting the planet from the worst effects of climate change, over a billion people rely on forests for shelter, livelihoods, water, fuel, and food. They are also home to around 80% of our land-based animal species.

Deforestation disrupts the lives of both humans and animals, and is a serious threat to the health of the Earth.

Using Google Earth Engine datasets, Earth Blox’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface puts globally-focused, always-on satellite data at your fingertips, so you can continue to lead the fight against illegal and dangerous deforestation.
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