Earth Blox Sessions at Google Summit Announced

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November 5, 2021

Earth Blox Sessions at Google Summit Announced!

Earth Blox have two further sessions confirmed for Google's Geo for Good Summit as part of the event's Virtual Meetups.

We're delighted to announce that these sessions will take place at 5pm and 7pm GMT on Friday, November 19th.

Hosted by Earth Blox co-founder and COO Sam Fleming, the two sessions are titled Code-free Google Earth Engine for Risk Monitoring (5pm), and Code-free Google Earth Engine for Environmental Monitoring (7pm). Each session will last for around one hour

The session will provide an opportunity to discuss how no-code solutions can best support risk and environmental monitoring activities. To do this, we will look at case studies related to deforestation monitoring, wildfires, drought and its impact on agriculture, and how flood extent can be analysed. There will also be an up-to-date, supervised classification, to understand recent changes to the landscape.

The final part of the session will be devoted to a Q&A session. We will be seeking contributions from the audience for insights into how Earth Blox can further leverage GEE tools & technologies to serve risk and environmental monitoring needs.

You can register to attend the events on the Earth Blox website at

Entering its second year as a virtual event, the Geo for Good Summit is an annual conference geared toward non-profits, scientists, government agencies and other change-makers who want to leverage mapping tools and technology for positive impact in the world. It's also an opportunity to hear the latest updates about our mapping technologies and learn how others in the community are using these technologies for impact.

The summit is free to attend, and you can register on the Geo For Good 2021 website until October 15th:

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