Earth Blox COO Sam Fleming presenting with Tim Peake at COP26

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November 7, 2021

Earth Blox Co-Founder Sam Fleming presenting with astronaut Tim Peake at "Ask the Expert" session at COP26

Earth Blox COO and Co-Founder Sam Fleming will be taking part in an #AskTheExpert session at COP26 alongside British astronaut Tim Peake.

We're excited to be able to chat with Tim, a European Space Agency astronaut and former International Space Station crew member who was the first British ESA astronaut, and the second to bear a flag of the United Kingdom patch.

Sam is also looking forward to presenting alongside colleagues from Telespazio UK, the University of Durham, and Space4Climate.

The full lineup for the session is as follows:

  • Tim Peake | UK and European Space Agency Astronaut
  • Alexandra Barker | Telespazio UK
  • Prof Fred Worrall | Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham
  • Donna Lyndsay | Space4Climate Vice Chair, Ordnance Survey
  • Sam Fleming | Earth Blox

The Green Zone at COP26 is open to the public from 31st October until the 12th November. You can get free tickets here.

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