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Pre-Earth Blox, it would take us days to get an end-result. With Earth Blox, we're down to 40 minutes from start to finish - and have confidence in the results.

Phil Cottle
Head of Forestry, ForestRe

Earth Blox has allowed us to shift remote sensing and satellite imagery processing capabilities in-house, providing greater flexibility, agency, and cost-effectiveness."

Ashley Bang
Head Data Scientist, ADMCF

Introducing Earth Blox

Earth observation software for rapid insights

Earth Blox gives you the tools to build and run satellite image analyses in minutes.

With access to over 900 Earth Engine datasets and no-code workflows, Earth Blox gives you the data and insights to inform critical decision-making around climate and security risks, environmental degradation, and adaptation to climate change.


Meet increased demand

Meet increasing demand for satellite imagery project assessments and monitoring.

Share the workload

Give project managers, commercial, and on-the-ground teams a user-friendly tool to run their own analyses.

Eliminate repetition

Free up your time to focus on more complex projects by automating repetitive analyses.

Control your costs

Bring spatial analyses in-house to control costs and run more analyses, more often.

In good company

Earth Blox is delighted to work with Shell Nature Based Solutions. Shell mark reproduced by permission of Shell Brands International AG.
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