Head of Operations

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What We're Looking For

As our Head of Operations your focus will be developing, improving our existing as well as replacing or setting up new, scalable processes. Simply put, we need you to come in and move us from a start up to a highly scalable company. We work remotely, with all our operations based on the cloud. This can ease automation, but at the same time, we need consistent processes (e.g. integration of systems - e.g. accountancy, sales, product etc. Working tools - sharing, communication, group management, file management, etc.). This is to help the team optimise our productivity and operational processes. In a nutshell, you will lead and help build the operational infrastructure that will mean we can scale rapidly. 

Working with the leadership team, you will be responsible for ensuring that everything we do as an organisation is scalable as we grow. You will be a core part of helping us to operate as a team, as we scale the product to help people improve the way the planet and its resources are cared for.

This is a role directly reporting to the CEO, with real influence on the direction of the company, and the benefits and compensation are set to match the ideal candidate.

Key Responsibilities

•   Set and lead the pace for our operational function 
•   Lead the strategic evaluation and selection of competitive and scalable business processes which are both cost efficient while highly performant in helping us achieve our vision.
•   Lead the selection, implementation and integration of our scalable business processes 
•   In collaboration with the CEO, identify and set goals and metrics for company and product performance and growth, as well as automate metric collection and summary reporting.
•   Evaluate and report weekly and monthly to the board on company and product performance by analysing and interpreting data and metrics 
•   Implement policies that promote company culture and vision
•   Establish the processes that enable a remote company to work and scale on the cloud.
•   Working closely with tech teams to implement new tools  
•   Oversee daily operations to ensure streamlined efficiency while enabling creativity 
•   Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication 
•   Collaborate on Exec team meetings
•   Scaling and streamlining the operations processes to ensure excellent staff and customer experience at scale with a data-driven approach (delivery lead times, conversion management, order management, VIP experience)
•   Working with suppliers to review contract terms and establish new processes
•   Implementing a robust KPI dashboard to manage our operations (Customer Experience KPIs, Product performance KPIs, Operations Costs analysis)
•   Leading the implementation of new growth initiatives from the Operations side (new product line launch)
•   Supporting HR in the strategic planning as well as building and managing the team (hire / onboard / train & review performance)
•   Help navigate our processes and introduction to office/online working

Some skills and experience you will need:

•   Experience in start-up environment, setting up processes
•   Have had a senior operations role previously for a SaaS product 
•   Experience leading teams to success
•   A strong understanding of business processes and how to build those
•   A strong understanding of the need to set, monitor and report on metrics, with processes to analyse and respond to below expectation performance.
•   Experience having scaled and automated processes previously
•   Experience within a SaaS environment
•   Working knowledge of performance and operational metrics
•   Efficient, organised, and good at making decisions
•   Demonstrable capacity to work in a team.

How to apply

If this sounds like a place where you can achieve your best work then we’d love to hear from you! In order to apply, please email your CV and cover letter to careers@earthblox.io.

If you don’t tick all of the points above but you’re passionate about the role then just let us know, we’re keen to hear from you and we recognise that your CV is only one small part of the picture.

Quosient is devoted to building an inclusive and diverse company. Black, Indigenous, and people of colour; women, queer people, and all gender identities, and individuals with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.